The primary focus of the Oakleaf High School band program is to provide an environment where the genuine love of music, passion of performance, high academic standards and sincere dedication to serve are paramount. We believe through performing, composing, listening and discussing, students will have a well-rounded experience in the musical arts. 

Each performing ensemble is designed for students to experience the unique benefits that stem from a quality music program. We believe the most important and fundamental aspect of a music class is to develop strong knowledge in the field; inheriting life skills are equally as important, but are the secondary result of the former disposition. 

Our students are always to be seen as positive ambassadors of the band program, Oakleaf High School and the Oakleaf community. Just as importantly as we love to receive support, we are dedicated to serving our school and making a positive impact on our community. In short, it is our mission to leave the world a better place than we found it. 


Oakleaf HS

The mission of Oakleaf High School is to provide a safe, appropriate, and effective learning environment that will meet the needs of the students and assist the students in accomplishing educational goals that are significant for the world of work and for higher learning pursuits.


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