Annual Program Fees
$600 per year for all students (Winds, Percussion, and Guard

Indoor, Winterguard, Indoor Winds, or any other non-required ensemble will have fees in addition to the annual band fee.

Marching Shoes (generally one time purchase):  $35 (Band) / $35 (Guard)
Instrument Rental (baritone, tuba, french horn, mellophone, piccolo, oboe, bassoon, string bass):  $50/year
Ladies Concert Dresses (one time purchase):  $65
Gentlemen Concert Black:  Black slacks, White-button down-long sleeve dress shirt, black belt, black socks – price varies

Unfortunately and for a variety of reasons, we have no school board funding for the operation of the band program.  We are very lucky in that they have provided a beautiful facility and ample equipment.  The fees are a way to pay for the necessary materials and expenses that our program incurs.  If we could subsidize the entire program with outside (perhaps corporate) contributions, we would have little to no fees.  In the meantime, we do our best to raise money from the outside to keep our fees low.  

To provide a snapshot of how we spend our funds, in a typical single school year alone, the band spent nearly $800 per student.  This purchased sheet music (one (1) piece of Symphonic Band music costs, on average, $100), furthered instruction, copyright permissions, ensemble entry fees (competitions, solo/ensemble, etc.), and the biggie:  transportation.  As the program grows, so will the amount that we need to spend per student.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the entire amount at registration?
In short, yes. The high school band program is completely self-sufficient, so the fees collected go to support the program in its entirety. If you have any financial circumstances that may prevent this, speak to the Directors one on one asap.

Do I have to be in marching band to be in band?
Yes. This is the only way to keep consistency throughout the program. Plus marching band is the perhaps, one of the most exciting elements of being a part of a high school band program. Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Does the Oakleaf Band take any trips?
We are always traveling around the state of Florida to Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa and everywhere in between.   For 2018-2019 the OHS Band will be traveling to Disney World in Orlando, FL to perform in a parade!

Do I have to audition to be in the band?
Everyone is automatically a part of the marching band and in the program at large. However, there are various ensembles that students will audition for. We typically have 2-3 concert bands that are seated by auditions. Other ensembles that we offer are jazz band(s), chamber groups, colorguard\winterguard and various percussion ensembles. All of which are auditioned - students must be in the program to be eligible to audition for any extension of the program. Ex. Students not in band will not be allowed to audition for Indoor Percussion, Winter Guard, etc)

Do the students have to be enrolled in a band class in order to participate?
Yes, and this is also a requirement from our state organizations to participate in those events.  Band members will be enrolled in a “Band” class (Freshmen, Band I; Soph., Band II, etc.); Guard members in Dance Techniques (I-IV); There is also an Honors Component for the Band Members (Juniors, Band V; and Seniors, Band VI).  Honors enrollment requires auditions for All-County Honor Band, All-State Band, and the performance of a grade V solo or higher at District Solo/Ensemble MPA.  See Mr. Hall for enrollment information.

Can I be a part of other clubs/organizations at OHS while in band?
YES. You can do Chorus, Drama, Academic Team, BETA club, National Honor Society and other clubs and activities while you are in band.  If you are a cheerleader, on the dance team or student-athlete who participates in fall sports, please see Mr. Hall regarding marching band participation. I encourage you to take advantage of all the great musical and academic opportunities at Oakleaf High School.

Additional fees…
Yes. Additional fees may arise depending on the student’s participation in other band related activities.  These would include: All-State Band, All-County Band, Solo & Ensemble (district and state) and band banquet. The former activities are NOT required, though students choose to participate at their own discretion.