Week of 9/18

Welcome back after several days off. We are looking forward to getting back at it and putting together our fall program. As mentioned last week, we have decided to rehearse this Saturday, September 23rd. After exploring all options and taking several factors into consideration this is the best day for us. At one point this was the original day for Marching Prefest, so it was on the Charms calendar as a holding place already.

To facilitate our students who are auditioning for All-State this same day, we will have an afternoon/evening rehearsal from 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM (we will provide dinner for everyone). Again, this was done out of necessity to compensate for the missed time due to the hurricane last week. Here is the schedule for the football game on Friday:

Friday, September 22nd
Football Game at Clay High School

4:00 - Call time/change into game uniform
4:30 - Meet in cafeteria
5:00 - Depart for CHS
5:30 - Arrive at CHS
6:00 - Warm-up
6:30 - In the stands
7:00 - Game time
10:00 - Depart for OHS
10:30 - Arrive at OHS

  • Students will receive 3rd quarter off
  • A decision will be made by Wednesday on our performance at this game. There are a few contingencies that have to be assessed before a decision can be officially made. 
  • Chaperone slots will go up by Monday.

Our students are doing great things. We are extremely proud of what they have accomplished so far, and are eager to see this whole thing come together. If you have any questions, as always please feel free to email me any time. 


Here we go again...

To align with the CCSB recent announcement, there will be no rehearsals this week. My sincerest hope is that everyone in our Oakleaf community is safe and recovering nicely. If anyone would like to help around the area with cleanup, we are teaming up with Elevate Life Church to go out and be of service. Visit the ELC website to receive more information or contact one of our percussion staff members, Jake Jaudes (jakejaudes@elevatelife.tv). If you or anyone you know is in need of hurricane relief assistance, you may also contact ELC.

At this time, we have now lost close to 20 hours of rehearsal time (including class time). Even though this is out of our control, it still hurts our program to lose all of this time. Our kids are working extremely hard and on the verge of achieving great things this year. As a staff, we calculate and plan every rehearsal down to the minute through November (even take into consideration minor issues that may arise). With that being said It is imperative that we try to make some of this up. Our staff is currently discussing our best options to find an additional long day to rehearse. Three very real possibilities will be either Saturday, Sept. 23rd, Saturday (formerly Prefest), Sept. 30th or Oct. 7th -- meals will be provided. There are a few small details to work out before a decision can be made. I will have a decision by this weekend. 

Again, this is not how we wanted things to go, but it is what it is.  I appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding. Once we decide the date, if there are any major conflicts with your child, please feel free to email me.

Additional Reminders:

  • The football game for this week has been moved to Friday, Oct. 6th. 
  • All-County audition music will be released by next week. We encourage all of our students to audition (Wind Symphony is required). Auditions are in November.
  • We will not be attending the contest at Leesburg on Oct. 7th (previously mentioned on the last post).
  • Band t-shirts will be here next week.
  • Nike gear should also arrive by next week (supposed to have been last week). I will keep you updated.

Take care,
Mr. Hall

Schedule Updates

First, I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the recent storm. Because of the missed school days there have been some changes to the calendar.

  • The football game between Oakleaf and Bartram has been moved to Friday Oct. 6th.
  • We will rehearse this Friday night from 2:00 - 9:00 in lieu of the game. This will serve as a make-up from last week. Dinner will be provided.
  • We will not be attending the Competition on Oct. 7th at Leesburg HS. This was a tough decision to make, but we feel it is what's best for our program at this time. We will still attend all of the other contests -- 5 in all, which is still a healthy amount. There will not be a rehearsal on this day; rather a day off for everyone.

We will continue to update everyone on any additional changes if they occur. Thank you in advance for everyone's flexibility. Our students are doing great things. We can't wait to see how it all comes together this competitive season.



In accordance with the Clay School Board's decision, there will be no after school activities on Friday, September 8th, including our rehearsal. We will still rehearse tomorrow night at our regularly scheduled time. Because of the cancellation for tomorrow and Monday, we will be looking to make this rehearsal up on a date in October (most likely on October 6th, during the other bye week). More information will be released as we progress into next week regarding a new date for this practice.

If you placed an order for the Nike apparel, it should be in by tomorrow, or most likely next week sometime, because of the circumstances. 

Week of 9/4

Monday - No rehearsal
Tuesday - Normal rehearsal schedule
Thursday - Normal rehearsal schedule
Friday - Rehearsal 2:00 - 9:00 *dinner provided.

  • Thank you so much to all of our volunteers who helped out in the concession stand/logistic at our first home game.
  • Reminder: the rehearsal on Friday is mandatory and has been on the schedule since last year. This will be a crucial day as we continue to prepare for our season. Our kids have worked extremely hard and we are excited to see where their effort will take them. There is no football game on this day.
  • We are having some glitches with FOCUS and student grades. These will be resolved by next week.
  • Please continue to bring in Oreo's for our concession stands and bottled water for the students at football games.

Thank you for your continued support of the OHS Band program.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































9/1 - Friday Football Game

Home Football Game

5:00 - Call time/change into uniform
6:00 - Warm-up in cafeteria
6:40 - Move to stadium
6:57 - National Anthem
7:00 - Game time
9:30 - Dismiss from band room

  • We will be wearing our new uniforms for this game.
  • All students will receive a dri-fit shirt that will be worn under their uniform.
  • The fundraising event that was scheduled for this Thursday has been cancelled and will be rescheduled and slightly modified for next month.
  • Concession stand sign-up is now on Charms. Go to the calendar and click on the volunteer icon on the date of your choice.

Thank you so much for supporting our band. Our students are doing an amazing job and working extremely hard. Please come support them at their first performance this Friday night.

Week of August 21st

Friday Football Game

4:00 - Call time/change into half uniform
4:45 - Meet in cafeteria
5:00 - Depart for OPHS
5:30 - Arrive at OPHS
6:00 - Warm-up
6:30 - Change into full uniform
7:00 - Game time
10:00 - Depart for OHS
10:30 - Arrive at OHS

  • We will be departing in half uniform (marching shoes, long black socks and bibbers). Once we arrive we will unload, warm-up and add the uniform top.
  • We will perform at halftime
  • Students will receive 3rd quarter off to purchase concessions (cash only)
  • After the game, we will load everything up and depart. We should return to OHS around 10:30. Once students are back, they are responsible for getting their instrument off the trailer and putting it in their locker.
  • If a student would like to be signed out after the game they may, by their PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN. Prior notice is mandatory; this is for the safety of all our students. Once the band has been officially dismissed, they may be signed out.
  • Band shoes are in. If your child ordered a pair, they must pay their $35 before receiving their shoes. All shoes will be handed out Thursday.
  • Chaperone and logistic positions will be added by tomorrow.

Additional information:

8/31 (Thursday night - during rehearsal) - Band 59 minute fundraiser. This will be anyone going on the Europe trip and for anyone that would like to help raise funds for the band program in general. Fundraisers are not mandatory, but highly encouraged since all proceeds go to help the band. More information will be given to the students this week.

Our North Marion contest date has been changed to November 11th (previously on the 4th). We just simply switched the 4th for the 11th. The calendar on charms has been updated to reflect this change.


Monday, August 21st

Here is the official statement from the CCSB (see below). A letter was also sent home with every student on the first day of school. All outdoor activities will be forced to be inside during the eclipse time frame of 1:00 - 4:15. We will still have our regularly scheduled rehearsal indoors. If a student misses, they will be excused, but will still need to complete a simple make-up assignment to earn the points back, which is in accordance with not only our handbook, but the OHS student handbook..


A full itinerary will be released on Monday regarding the football game at OPHS on Friday.


The OHS Band team store will be closing on Tuesday, August 15th. Nike only has a limited window of opportunity for this offer. All purchases are made directly through the online Nike store -- NOT THROUGH THE OHS BAND.

The updated logo is currently on the t-shirts and long sleeved shirts. However, because of an unresolved glitch on the backend of their store, the previously released logo is still showing up. This will not be on the polos or jackets. Rather, the most recently updated version (the one on the t-shirts and long sleeved shirts) will be on the polos and jackets.

You can access the store HERE or by visiting the homepage of our website. 


  • Wednesday's rehearsal will only go until 3:00. Make-up physicals will take place after rehearsal on Wednesday (3 PM). EVERYONE must have a physical on file. If your child did not get it done at registration, they must get it done on this day.
  • Thursday's rehearsal will only go until 3 PM. The evening is reserved for the students who wish to attend the DCI showing at the AMC Theater at the OP Mall. Click HERE for details. Show time starts at 6:30 PM. It is highly recommended that students purchase tickets ahead of time. Students really should try to take advantage of this annual opportunity. Students are responsible for their own transportation and purchasing tickets.
  • Friday, August 11, at 6:30 we will be having a Band Camp Preview, brief parent meeting,  and Cookout to celebrate the end of a great camp and the beginning of the school year. We ask that you bring the following items based on your last name to help make our cookout a delicious success:

Last name
A-C: Hot Dogs
D-G: Canned Drinks
H-K: Chips
L-P: Hot Dog Buns
Q-Z: Desserts

Students may bring the items with them to morning rehearsal and we will keep them in the refrigerator until the cookout. Rehearsal on Friday begins at 8:00am.

The band would also like to request bottles of water and Oreos!

  • We will reopen our Nike team store by tomorrow and extend the deadline to next week. 

Please continue to promote hydration, independent of practice time. We are extremely proud of everyone's work ethic and progress so far.

Updates and Reminders

We are well on our way to a successful season! Our students are working extremely hard so far. Here are a few reminders to get us through this week.

  • All students need to be dropped off and picked up in front of the cafeteria and not in the bus loop. With all of the equipment that goes between the band room and the practice field, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have to maneuver through moving vehicles. Tomorrow the entrance to the practice field will be blocked off. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is a safety issue.
  • We launched our first ever NIKE store. All orders must be in by August 8th. Once the store closes all apparel will arrive in approximately 3-4 weeks. Nothing is mandatory; just optional but highly encourage for all of our students.
  • The schedule for the rest of the week is correct on Charms, but incorrect on the PDF online.
    • Tuesday - 8AM-3PM/6PM-9PM
    • Wednesday - 8AM - 3PM
    • Thursday - 8AM-3PM/6PM-9PM
    • Friday - 8AM-3PM/6PM-9PM
  • We will resume our European trip payments in August.

Registration Next Week

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Band Registration next Saturday, July 22nd.  We have a whole team of parents and students ready to serve. Here are a few reminders to make this day as smooth as possible. 

  • All fees must be paid in full. This was mentioned on our website on February 11th, in an email sent out the same day and several subsequent reminders through out the second semester. There will not be an option for payment plans. 
  • All students must be officially registered to be in our band program. There are some very important documents that we need, to ensure the safety of your child.
  • All documents are available on the band website or in charms. We will have copies for everyone to fill out, but it is recommended to have these done ahead of time. 
  • All students must have a physical. We will offer them for free from 8 AM - 12 PM at Registration. 
  • It is crucial that students attend with a parent or legal guardian. If a student is not accompanied with a legal guardian, they will not be processed. 
  • Some of the forms have to be notarized. We will have a public notary on site. 
  • Students must visit each station before departing. One of the most important stations is the Charms station. This is where we will create ID's for new students and verify contact information for returning students. 
  • Please enter by the chorus room (on the east side of the building). We will have signs up. 

Band Registration
Saturday, July 22nd
8 AM – 10 AM         Seniors
10 AM – 12 PM       Juniors
1 PM – 3 PM           Sophomores
3 PM – 5 PM           Freshman

Free physicals will only be available from 8 AM - 12 PM

As a reminder, there is no European trip payment this month. They will resume in August.

New Associate Director

After conducting a national search which brought over 40 applicants, we are pleased to announce that we have officially hired our new Associate Director of Bands, Mr. William Talaba. Mr. Talaba is the former Director of Music Programs at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio and has extensive experience teaching concert band, marching band and percussion.  He has taught with many of the top high school music groups in northeast Ohio including North Royalton, Medina, Firestone and Avon High Schools. Because of his success with these bands, he has earned a position as a Marching Percussion Specialist with the Vic Firth Corporation. He is the former Vice President of the Ohio Indoor Performance Association (OIPA) and has directed state champions and top level indoor drum lines around Ohio and in WGI.  Mr. Talaba holds a Bachelor's degree in percussion performance, and a Master's degree is in Music Education.

As a member of our team, he will be instrumental in elevating our percussion to an elite level, directing our Symphonic Band, overseeing our winterguard operations and the start-up of our indoor drumline. 

Updates/Reminders - June 1st

  • The band camp schedule and fall schedule have been on the calendar for quite a while now. Please continue to check back periodically, as minor changes do occur.

As a reminder all fees must be paid on the day of registration (July 22nd). Visit the Band Information page for a complete breakdown of fees.

  • June trip payment may be made any time through next week. You can bring it in to the band room or mail the payment directly to David McGuffin Tours: 4036 Hidden Acre Rd. Middleburg, FL 32067. There is no trip payment due in July. This is reserved for band payments.
  • Coffee will arrive tomorrow. We will distribute the bags of coffee to the students after school. If you have a senior student, they may come by anytime tomorrow between 12:00 - 5:30 to pick up their coffee. We apologize for the delay. This won't be an issue in the future. Now that we have all of the resources in our possession, we can sustain efficiency in providing our product on a regular weekly basis.
  • Tonight the students will get custom fitted for their new uniform. It is incredibly important that all students are present for our last spring practice of the year.
  • Concert band results will be posted by next week.
  • 2017 registration forms and handbook will be available by next week.



  • Spring Concert - Thursday, May 18th @ Elevate Life Church. 7:00
    3:30 - 2017 Leadership meet at ELC to unload trailer and setup stage
    5:00 - Call time (full band)
    6:40 - Doors open
    7:00 - Concert begins
  • Marching Rehearsal - Friday, May 19th. 5:00 - 8:00
  • Band Banquet - Sunday, May 21st - OHS Cafeteria. 3:00 PM

We are still waiting on the coffee to come in. The labels have been printed and are now being applied to the bags. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay. We are working fervently to bring our coffee to everyone as quickly as possible. I will continue to keep you updated.

The band camp schedule and fall schedule have been on the calendar for quite a while now. Please continue to check back periodically, as minor changes do occur. As a reminder all fees must be paid on the day of registration (July 22nd). Visit the Band Information page for a complete breakdown of fees.

We are very excited to announce the Golden Regiment will be getting new uniforms next year. This is in large part due to Mrs. Pickett and her amazing support of our program. We will have a custom fitting session on Thursday, June 1st at our last Thursday night rehearsal. Moving forward we will be changing our marching shoes to a different design. All new students will be required to get these (roughly the same price). If your child has a pair of our current marching shoes, they are NOT required to get the new ones. However, this is optional if they choose.

Trip Payment/Band Concert Schedule Change

Europe Trip Deposit Due TOMORROW

You may bring in your application and payment to school during the day or the evening rehearsal.


I am very sorry, but we have to change the date of our Spring concert. I was just informed late last night that Elevate Church accidentally double-booked our concert with another event. After working fervently to seek a other options with the great folks at ELC, the best solution is to change the date to Thursday, May 18th (the day before). I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. However, it truly was something we didn't foresee. This will still be a wonderful evening and a great way to cap off an incredible year.

We will take the originally scheduled marching rehearsal on May 18th and switch it with the band concert. So, to recap:

Thursday, May 18th - Spring Concert (7 PM)
Friday, May 19th - Marching Rehearsal (5 PM - 8 PM)
Sunday, May 21st - Band Banquet (3 PM)

Finally, our coffee orders are still being processed. However, they will not arrive this week. We are currently waiting for the product packaging process to finish in California. I have been in constant communication with our packaging company and they are working very hard to get our bags shipped out ASAP to Bold Bean here in Jacksonville, so they can be filled and ready for distribution. Bold Bean is aware and ready to freshly roast our coffee and fill our bags as soon as they receive the bags. Very sorry for the delay, but just know that we have some wonderful people who are working very hard to help us out. I will keep you updated as we go through next week.

Menu for the Band Banquet

Chicken Piccatta
Baked Penne with Tomato and Cheese ( good side or veg. entrée)
Caesar Salad
Butter Top Yeast Rolls
Fresh Fruit Plate
Assorted Brownies, Cookies, Pick Up Desserts
Unsweet Tea, Lemonade

  • $10 per plate.
  • The banquet is free to attend if you do not want to eat.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance. The deadline is Friday, May 12.

European trip deposit is due by Thursday, May 4th

Click here for the tour application (or students can pick one up from Mr. Hall). All information regarding the trip can be found by visiting the European trip page on the band website.

Upcoming Events

·  Marching rehearsals begin May 4th

·  5/13 - Leadership Workshop

·  5/19 - Spring Concert at Elevate Life Church

·  5/21 - Band Banquet (OHS Cafeteria)

Reminders/Upcoming Events


  • European trip deposit is due May 4th. This is for anyone who would like to go on the trip. After consulting with Dave McGuffin, we decided that anyone who has a child going on the trip may also go. We will still be selecting chaperones, but will wait until early next school year when we know who is officially going and how many students we have. All payments will be made directly to Dave McGuffin by following this link. All student applications are to be turned in to the band office on May 4th as well. Click here for the tour application. All information regarding the trip can be found by visiting the European trip page on the band website.
  • As mentioned last year and through several emails/post, our band banquet will be catered this year. Tickets to the banquet will be sold for $10/person (menu released by next week). You only pay if you plan on eating. Otherwise the banquet is free to attend. Tickets must be purchased by Friday, May 12th.
  • 4/22 - Percussion Workshop (8AM - 12PM).
  • Colorguard clinics begin this week and continue through next week.
  • Leadership applications due by Friday, April 28th.
  • Drum Major clinic/audition begins next week.
  • Marching rehearsals begin May 4th
  • 5/13 - Leadership Workshop
  • 5/19 - Spring Concert at Elevate Life Church
  • 5/21 - Band Banquet (OHS Cafeteria)

State MPA Itinerary
Friday, April 21st
University of Florida (Philips Center)

Wind Symphony students are excused the entire day.

7:20 - Final run-through
8:30 - Load trailer
9:00 - Depart for University of Florida
11:00 - Arrival/lunch
1:30 - Warm-up
2:00 - Perform
3:00 - Depart
5:00 - Arrive at OHS

*Students should bring enough money for lunch.
*Event is free to the public.
*Students may be checked out after they are excused.

Updates and Reminders


Dear Regiment Family,

Today we kicked off our Box 5 Coffee pre-sale campaign. We are asking students to pre-sale 2 bags of coffee to help with our start-up cost. We are so close to launching our brand into more local restaurants, businesses and retail markets. With the income from our pre-sales, we will be able to launch fully-loaded into this new season of fundraising. All fundraiser forms are due by Wednesday, April 5th. The coffee, in our customized packaging, will be delivered the 1st week of May. Our goal is to have a fully functional system that generates funding for our band, so our students can focus on more important things other than fundraising. This is the fundraiser to end all fundraisers. In addition to their order forms and flyers, each student is being sent home with a sample sized package. Each sample will make about 4 cups of coffee. 

Upcoming Dates

March 31st - April 1st - FFCC State Championships

Tuesday, April 11th - Wind Symphony night rehearsal with guest clinician (5:00-8:30, dinner provided)

April 12th - Roundtable Rehearsal (2:00 - 8:00. dinner provided)
April 13th - Roundtable Concert (7:00)

April 17th - April 28th - Colorguard Clinics
April 21st - State Concert Band MPA (itinerary will be released by next week).
April 22nd - 2017 Marching Percussion Workshop
April 24th - 28th - Drum Major Clinic

May 4th - First Full Marching Band Rehearsal (subsequent Thursdays, thereafter)
May 13th - Leadership Workshop
May 19th - Spring Concert (at Elevate Life Church)

May 21st - Band Banquet

  • As mentioned last year, in order to preserve the elegance of the evening, we will be charging a plate fee for dinner this year (the event itself will be free). The cost per plate will be around $10 per person. As we get closer a detailed menu from our caterer will be released. 


2017-18 will be a trip year for the OHS Band!

Please remember to join us for a brief informational meeting tomorrow March 7th at 7:00 to learn where our students will be traveling to next year. We will be discussing some very important information including: per student cost, schedule for the trip and other very important factors.

Wednesday, March 8th
District MPA

7:20 – Wind Symphony Rehearsal
8:00 – Symphonic Band Rehearsal
9:30 – Depart for Flagler Palm Coast HS
12:00 – Symphonic Band Warm-up
12:30 – Symphonic Band Performance
2:00 – Walk as a group to Palm Coast Landing Shopping Center (immediately adjacent to the school).
4:30 – Return to Flagler Palm Coast High School
6:30 – Wind Symphony Warm-up
7:15 – Wind Symphony Performance
9:00 – Depart for OHS
10:45 – Arrive at OHS

*Students need to ensure their concert uniform in presentable
*We will all walk together on the sidewalk to the shopping center. The students will be free to choose any restaurant to eat lunch.  We will travel with parent chaperones who will also be in the vicinity of the students during their free time.
*Symphonic Band students may be signed out by their legal guardian after I have released them.
*Wind Symphony students may be signed out after their performance after I have released them later in the evening.
*Event is free.