Europe Students ONLY

We are now less than 2 weeks from our departure to northern Europe. Below are some reminders regarding this trip. If you have any questions, please email or call anytime. 

  • Please review the slideshow that was given at our last meeting in April; a link can be found here. It details all of the necessary information regarding the itinerary, money, airport, chaperone duties, what to pack, flight, luggage, snacks, rules and procedures, etc.
  • We will have 2 after-school rehearsals with our seniors. Thursday, May 31st and Monday, June 4th (early release day). All rehearsals will be 1 hour.  
  • Students will sign up for their rooms and chaperones on Thursday after rehearsal.
  • On Thursday, May 31st all students will receive a permission slip for specific activities at Heino Summer Camp. You will see a list of activities that you may not want your child to participate in. Please check all that apply and send the form back before our departure on June 11th. The form can also be found here.
  • Students will receive a performance t-shirt that will have to be worn the day of our concert in the market square of Zwolle. They must have khaki shorts to wear that day as well.
  • All students will wear their band t-shirts the day we depart. They are to meet at JIA at 9:30 (earlier is better). We will meet in front of the Delta counter (Concourse A).
  • Upon returning to Jacksonville, ALL students will be signed out by their parent or legal guardian. If your child will be picked up by someone other than a parent or legal guardian, you must email Mr. Hall. ***Students WILL NOT be released to anyone other than their parent or legal guardian, unless previously arranged with Mr. Hall***
  • If you wish to have your child carry their own prescription medicine, please complete this form and return it ASAP (a physician’s signature is required).
  • All bedding is available at the camp, however, towels are not. It is recommended (per Mr. McGuffin’s recent email) to pack 1-2 cheap towels and dispose of them before returning to the US. Also, please remember shampoo and soap (with flight restriction size limits).
  • Students are required to bring a small collapsible music stand. We will collect these at our last after-school rehearsal and pack them to take with band equipment.
  • Please remember the luggage size requirements: 22” x 14” x 9”. All students will travel with their carry-on (luggage) and a personal item (backpack).  All instruments larger than a trumpet will be checked in and travel underneath the airplane. Flutes/clarinets will be collected after our last rehearsal (June 4th) to be transported together in a case with other band equipment.
  • Cell Phone International Plans:






Band Banquet Update


Due to a severely low number of dinner tickets purchased, we will not be eating at the band banquet. In order to facilitate efficiency, If you purchased a ticket and you are a freshman - junior, we will add your ticket money into your band fees for next year (you will see it notated in Charms once the school year is over).  If you are a senior, you will receive a refund in the form of a school check. I have the receipts and will give them directly to Mrs. Skeen (bookkeeper) which will suffice as proof that you made a payment. All refunds are subjected to the OHS financial policy. Therefore, refunds will only be distributed in the form of a school check.

If you are a member who is not returning or don't want your ticket price to be rolled into next year's fees, please let me know through email. I will not take a student's word for it; parents must contact me directly (with the exception of seniors). If anyone would like their receipt, I will hand it directly to you at the banquet. If you do not, we will place them in individual student files, of which are securely stored in the band office.

The banquet will still be an exciting afternoon, presented in the form of an awards ceremony. We will give out awards to students, recognize outstanding students, watch the 2017-18 band video and honor our seniors. This will still be a formal event. 


Banquet/Spring Concert REMINDERS


Our annual band banquet will be held on Sunday, May 20th at 3 PM. Each meal is $10All tickets must be purchased by Friday, May 11th. A meal ticket is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Please make every attempt to be at the banquet. It is a wonderful way for us to end the year and celebrate our seniors as they bring their high school careers to an end. 

Chicken Piccata
Baked Penne with Tomato and Cheese
Caesar Salad
Butter Top Yeast Rolls
Fresh Fruit Plate
Assorted Brownies, Cookies, Pick Up Desserts
Unsweet Tea, Lemonade, Assorted Sodas

If you have any pictures or videos from the year, please send them to so they can be included in the band video.

Friday, May 18th
Spring Concert
OHS Cafeteria

5:30 - Call time
6:50 - Doors open
7:00 - Concert begins


Band Banquet

Our annual band banquet will be held on Sunday, May 20th at 3 PM. Each meal is $10. All tickets must be purchased by Friday, May 11th. A meal ticket is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Please make every attempt to be at the banquet. It is a wonderful way for us to end the year and celebrate our seniors as they bring their high school careers to an end. 

Chicken Piccata
Baked Penne with Tomato and Cheese
Caesar Salad
Butter Top Yeast Rolls
Fresh Fruit Plate
Assorted Brownies, Cookies, Pick Up Desserts
Unsweet Tea, Lemonade, Assorted Sodas

If you have any pictures or videos from the year, please send them to so they can be included in the band video. 

Wind Symphony State Performance

State MPA Performance
Tuesday, April 24th
Flagler Palm Coast HS

12:30  - Depart for St. Augustine
1:15 - Arrive in St. Augustine
4:30 - Depart for Flagler Palm Coast HS
5:30 - Arrive at Flagler Palm Coast HS
7:30 - Warm-up
8:00 - Perform
8:45 - Depart for OHS
10:00 - Arrive at OHS

*We will be making a stop in the downtown/historic section of St. Augustine. The students will have a few hours to enjoy the sights and eat lunch. We will allow them to eat lunch prior to departing in the OHS cafeteria, if they choose. There will be very specific boundaries given, of which they MUST abide by.  The St. Augustine experience is a traditional component of the Oakleaf State trip, that stems back several years. Last year, we did not partake in this experience, because the assessment was held in Gainesville. 

*MPA is free to the public for anyone who would like to attend.

*After I have released the students, they may be signed out to ride home with their parents. 


Updates and Reminders


Congratulations to our Winterguards and Indoor Drumline on fantastic performances last weekend at the FFCC State Championship. A huge thanks to all of our parents and volunteers who helped with the trip. 

4/13 - Roundtable setup at 8:00 (optional for anyone who wishes to help after Culture Night)

4/14  - Round Table Concert
8:00 - 12:00 - Rehearsal
6:00 - Call time
7:00 - Concert begins

This is a unique concert where we feature individual talent throughout the evening. The concert bands and jazz band will perform as well as the winterguards and indoor drumline. The whole evening will culminate with the marching band performing an excerpt from our 2017 show. 

4/16 - Wind Symphony Concert. 7:00 PM

4/17 - Europe trip meeting at 7:00 PM in the band room.

  • All travelers will need their passports. Please email David ( directly, if you do not have your passport yet or will not have it by the time of the meeting. 
  • We will take any final payments that evening as well. 
  • We will be going over specifics regarding our finalized itinerary, housing units, clothing to bring, information on cell phones, chargers, Euro cash and other FAQ's. 
  • As we put together our music repertoire, there will be a few brief after-school rehearsals added to the schedule in May. Most of the work will be done in class. These rehearsals will only be about an hour long. Please note, that a couple of these will be after our seniors have already graduated. 

4/24 - Wind Symphony State Performance. Itinerary will be released by next week. 

We are finalizing the details of the band banquet. We should have a menu released by the end of the week. 


Upcoming Reminders and Announcements

Good luck to our JV and Varsity Winterguard as well as our Indoor Drumline as they compete in the FFCC State Championship this weekend in Tampa.  Additional information can be found here regarding this trip.

  • Our Roundtable concert will be held next Saturday, April 14th. We will rehearse that morning from 8 AM – 12 PM. The concert will be that evening at 7:00 PM.  Students taking the ACT will be excused from the morning rehearsal.
  • Monday, April 16th - Wind Symphony will have their State MPA preview performance in the cafeteria.
  • Tuesday, April 24th – State MPA for Wind Symphony at Flagler Palm Coast HS. Itinerary will be released soon.
  • Friday, May 18th – Spring Concert
  • Sunday, May 20th – Band Banquet. Tickets to eat at the band banquet will be $10 per person. It is NOT a requirement to eat in order to attend. As we get closer, I will be releasing the menu and catering information. We will need the money upfront at least 2 weeks prior to the banquet. Again, more information regarding this will be released by next week.
  • Please continue to check the calendar for updates regarding Spring marching rehearsals and auditions.  The band camp and fall schedule is available. There are a few minor adjustments that need to be made, but in all, it is pretty close to being accurate.
  • Our final Europe trip meeting will be Tuesday, April 17th in the band room at 7:00. Everyone must bring their passport with them for final verification. If you are unable to attend, please let me know ahead of time and I will be sure to get the information to you.

As a final note, today I informed our Wind Symphony that this will be my final year at Oakleaf High School. Effectively, after we return from our trip to Europe, my time will be finished.  I wish I could’ve had the opportunity to tell everyone in person, but because of time sensitivity and the necessity of the school schedule it was not feasible. I have genuinely loved my experience at OHS, but the time is right to make a career change and prioritize my focus on my family. Mr. Talaba is a tremendous teacher and will continue to help take this program to new heights. Supporting the new staff and direction, will be paramount if the program is to flourish.

I want to thank our administration for their continued support of – not only our band – but the arts in general at OHS. I want to thank all of our parents and volunteers who have and will always be the backbone of this program. I want to thank all of the incredible staff members that have been instrumental in teaching our students to become better musicians.

Finally, I want to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to the students that I have had the honor of serving.  I have some of the greatest memories to reflect upon, because of your musicianship, work ethic and unforgettable personalities.  I know the future of the band program is bright because it is made up of some of the greatest people I have ever been around. The most memorable musical moments of my teaching career were made in this band room, on our practice field, on the football field and on the stage during my time at Oakleaf High School.

As the year draws to an end, we will continue to push hard and finish strong. This will be the last time I discuss this in public; the attention will remain on the students and more importantly our seniors as they bring their high school music careers to an end.  

State Solo and Ensemble & Jazz Band + Additional Reminders

State Solo & Ensemble/ State Jazz Band
Monday, March 26th
Buchholz High School

10:00 - Depart
11:30 - Arrive at BHS
2:00 - Jazz Band Performance
3:00 - 5:00 - Assorted Solo Performances
5:30 - Depart
7:00 - Arrive at OHS

*Students will be excused 3rd period - end of the day (with the exception of jazz band, who will be excused 2nd period)

*Students need to bring cash for concessions

*Jazz students will wear all black attire (boys with ties). 

Upcoming Events:

4/6-7 - FFCC State Championships (Winterguard/Indoor Drumline)
4/14 - Roundtable Concert
4/16 - Wind Symphony Concert
4/24 - Wind Symphony State MPA @ Flagler Palm Coast HS
5/18 - Spring Concert
5/20 - Band Banquet

We will begin drumline/colorguard/leadership auditions in April. Please view the calendar for exact dates. 

Tumblers have arrived and will be distributed to students this week. All money is due by Monday, March 26th. 

Concert Band MPA

Friday, March 2nd
Concert Band MPA

8:10 (2nd period) - Symphonic Band rehearsal
9:30 – Wind Symphony rehearsal
11:00 – A Lunch (all students will eat during this time)
11:45 – Depart for Bartram HS
12:30 – Arrive at BTHS
4:00 – Symphonic Band warm-up
4:30 – Symphonic Band  performance
7:00 – Wind Symphony warm-up
7:30 – Wind Symphony performance
8:30 – Depart for OHS
9:00 – Arrive at OHS

·         The reason for our early departure time is due to the district's transportation situation; buses have to run their morning routes and afternoon routes, which dictates this itinerary. Students are encouraged to bring their school work with them. There will be plenty of time for them to work on missed assignments for the day.

·         Students are excused for the whole day. Symphonic band students may attend 1st period or report to the band room at 8:10. Wind Symphony students may report to 1st and 2nd period and then report the band room during the 3rd period.

·         All students who are scheduled to take the FSA on Friday have been rescheduled to take their test next week.

·         Students are encouraged to bring cash with them for concessions throughout the day. Once we arrive at Bartram Trail, we will not be leaving. The Symphonic Band students may be checked out after Mr. Talaba has released them after their performance. As a reminder, all students must be checked out by their parent or legal guardian ONLY, unless prior arrangements have been setup with the Director(s).

Concert Band MPA is free to the public. 


Band Picture Preview Night

As a reminder NATP will be here tomorrow afternoon/evening for parents to view their child's pictures. An email was sent out by the company (see below). Viewings will be in the band room.


Dear BAND/CHORUS parents,

Photographs were recently taken of your student for the 2016-2017 Commemorative Composite Display being produced by North American Photographers.  This is the only chance you will have to view the photographs taken of your student at the school.

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 2:00-7:00 p.m.

Thu, Feb 22, 2018 2:00-7:00 p.m.

Proofs will be shown in the BAND ROOM.  

Proof representatives will be available to show you the photographs taken of your student at this time.

Payment is required on all orders.

Students may not view proofs unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Thank you,

NATP | North American Theatrical Photographers
The Composite People"

Jazz Band - MPA/Solo & Ensemble

Thursday, February 8th
Jazz Band MPA
Creekside High School

4:00 - Call time
4:30 - Depart for Creekside HS
6:30 - Warm-up
7:00 - Perform
7;45 - Depart
8:00 - Dinner (at a local Pizza place on San Jose)
9:30 - Arrive at OHS

*Free admission.
*Students will wear all black. 
*Students should bring around $10-$15 for dinner.
*Arrival time at OHS is an estimation. We should arrive no later than 10:00 for sure.

Friday, February 9th - Saturday, February 10th
Solo & Ensemble
Creekside HS

* Individual student times are posted outside of the band room
*Students should dress nice (boys with ties)
*Plan on arriving 1 hour - 30 minutes before the performance time (Creekside can take at least 40 minutes to get to, considering traffic on San Jose).
*SOLO STUDENTS NEED TO BRING THEIR $25 TO MRS. SUMMERS ASAP. She will be here tomorrow after school. Saturday is very busy and can be difficult to pay then. 

New Fundraiser & Upcoming Events

Today we kicked off our tumbler fundraiser. We are asking all of our students to participate. If they are going on the Europe trip, in indoor drumline or a member of winterguard, proceeds from their sales can go towards those respective fees. Of course fundraising is never mandatory, but highly encouraged. Click on the link below to view the website that has been designed for us. Order forms are due by February 2nd. Tumblers will arrive around the beginning of March. 

Oakleaf Band Fundraiser Website

Upcoming Events:

2/8 - Jazz MPA

2/9 - Fundraiser forms due

2/9-2/10 - District Solo & Ensemble

2/10 - Winterguard show at Fletcher HS

2/21 & 2/22 - Band picture preview night from 2:00 - 7:00 in the band room

You will be able to view proofs of the photos over the course of 2 afternoon/evenings. We will setup in the band room on the 21st and 22nd of this month. 

Here is an example of the starting price for photo packages:
$24.95 - 1-8x10, or 2-5x7’s, or 4-3x5’s,
Additional package examples can be found by clicking HERE

Week of 1/22


Thank you very much to all of the students, parents and volunteers we had this past weekend at the FFCC Premiere event. It was a huge success. Hosting 52 schools and taking care of world-renowned judges from all over the country is a tough task. We could not have done it without the amazing support of everyone associated with our band program. 

Looking ahead:

1/25 & 1/26 - Picture days

1/27 - Percussion Premiere at OPHS

2/1 - Fundraiser start date

2/8 - Jazz MPA

2/9-2/10 - District Solo & Ensemble

The chaperone application is now up for the Europe trip. All applications and background forms are due by February 16th. These can be found on the band website on the trip page. 



and website on the trip page. 


Saturday, January 20th
FFCC Premiere – Hosted at Oakleaf HS

Next Saturday we will be hosting 50 high schools at the FFCC Winterguard Premiere contest. This is a HUGE honor for us, to be selected as the host school. We will need A LOT of help running the event from students, parents, alumni and volunteers. One of our biggest needs is help selling concessions. 

You can sign up at our landing page designed specifically for this event:

Additional Reminders:

1/18 - Full band fundraiser

1/25 - 1/26 - Band photos

2/8 - Jazz MPA

2/9-2/10 - Solo and Ensemble

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the 2nd semester. Here are a few key dates coming up quickly, as we move into the latter half of the year. 

1/4-1/6 - Honor Band rehearsals (OPHS) and concert (Thrasher-Horne)

1/5 - Tri-M inductions for those who have been selected. Induction starts at 2:00 in the chorus room.

1/5 - Last day to cancel European trip for refund (minus deposit).

1/9 - Informational meeting regarding the Europe trip in the band room at 6:30.

1/19 - Begin fundraiser for trip participants and general band. 

1/20 - Winterguard Northern Premiere -- Hosted at Oakleaf HS.

1/25 and 1/26 - Formal band pictures (during school).

2/8 - Jazz MPA (Creekside HS)

2/9-2/10 - Solo and Ensemble (Creekside HS)



Updates and Reminders

12/10 – Winter Concert

·         Admission – Fruit cups (We are partnering with Elevate Life Church to feed families in the Jacksonville metro area). 

·         Concert attire will be worn. Girls who were sized last month will receive their dresses by next week. Boys will need black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks and white long-sleeved dress shirt; ties and vests will be provided. If anyone has their own SOLID black tie they may wear it.

·         We will have a crew of students show up at 9:00 to help setup. If your child is available and signed up to work, they can receive community service hours.  Depending on how many we have, the setup should only take a couple of hours.

In keeping with tradition, any OHS Alumni are welcome to play Sleigh Ride with the Wind Symphony.

Doors will open around 2:45. Nobody will be aloud in the cafeteria except band students prior to the concert

12/11 - All-County Band rehearsal at OPHS

12/13 – Solo and Ensemble money due

·         We highly encourage all of our students to participate in solo and ensemble. Solos are $10 and ensembles are $20 per ensemble. The event will take place February 9th or 10th (depending on each individual’s scheduled time) at Creekside HS. Students are responsible for their own transportation.  All students must sign up and find their own music off of the FBA list. We have some pieces available here as well for students to use. Any student performing a solo must have a piano accompanist. We typically use Mrs. Summers from OVE for a fee of $25.

Please continue to check the calendar for up-to-date information.

Week of 11/13

Friday, November 17th
Rehearsal – 2:00 – 4:30

·         We will load the trailers up immediately after rehearsal.

Saturday, November 18th
FMBC State Contest

·         5:00 AM – Call time

·         5:30 – Depart (1 rest stop along the way)

·         9:30 – Arrive at Gaither HS

·         10:30 – Visual warm-up

·         11:16 – Music warm-up

·         12:12 – Perform

·         1:50 – Awards

*Our departure time for state contest is historically early. Students need to bring breakfast/snacks with them. We will stop at a rest stop along the way.

*Due to the extreme rise in charter bus travel, we will be taking school buses. This was a very tough decision to make, but it is necessary in order to keep band fees down. If we took charter buses, we would be looking at a significant increase in fees.

Spectator Ticket Cost- $15. CASH ONLY.
Children 8 and under are free.
Parking is $3.

After Prelims:

Option 1: If we don’t make Finals. We will head home immediately with a dinner stop on the way.  ETA will be around 8:00 PM

Option 2: If we make finals (top 5) we will head to the Tropicana Dome in St. Pete to compete in Finals.

Finals Schedule (Tropicana Dome)
9:22 – 5A Finals begin
11:00 – Finals awards
12:00 – Depart
3:00 – Arrive at OHS

Spectator Ticket Cost- $20. CASH ONLY.
Parking is $15.

Week of 11/6

No Rehearsal today (Monday 11/6)

Friday, Nov. 10th

  • Rehearsal 3:00 - 9:00 - Rehearsal with guest clinician - dinner provided

Saturday, Nov. 11th
FMBC Contest at North Marion HS

8:00 - Call time
9:00 - Depart for North Marion HS
11:00 - Arrive at NMHS. Unload/lunch
12:50 - Change into uniform
1:15 - Visual warm-up
1:45 - Music warm-up
2:45 - Perform
3:45 - Prelims Awards
6:00 - Finals begin
9:30 - Finals Awards
10:30 - Depart for OHS
12:30 - Arrive at OHS

  • Spectator Admission  - $10. Children 5 and under are free
  • Students need to ensure their dri-fit sleeveless shirt is ready for this show

Additional Reminders:

  • Girls will be fitted for their concert dresses this week.
  • The winter concert will be on Sunday afternoon, December 10th at OHS.
  • Please continue to drop off/pick up students in front of the cafeteria. This is a safety issue for all of our students.
  • Winterguard auditions will be today 4-8, Tuesday 4-8 (fall guard will rehearse with the band in the afternoon) and next Monday 4-8.
  • Indoor drumline auditions will be Wednesday 5-8.

Week of 10/30

A huge congratulations to the band for their straight superior ratings at District MPA last Saturday. With only 3 weeks left in the marching season, we are working hard all the way to the end. A HUGE thanks to all of the parents and volunteers who consistently work so hard to ensure our students have everything they need to perform.

Friday, 11/3
Football Game @ Home (Senior Night)

5:00 - Call time
5:30 - Cafeteria
6:15 - Move to stadium
7:00 - Game time
9:30 - Post game performance

  • All seniors will be recognized during halftime. Please make every attempt to be at the game with your child. All parents/family members will meet by the north endzone with 2:00 on the clock during the 2nd quarter. The athletic dept. will still charge regular admission price.

  • The band will perform after the game

Saturday, 11/4
Rehearsal 9 AM - 3 PM

  • Students will need to bring a lunch

Additional Reminders:

  • Tomorrow the band will be participating in the annual OVE Halloween parade during the morning. Permission slips were sent home 3 weeks ago.
  • Rehearsal next Friday (3:00 - 9:00) with world renowned guest clinician and DCI judge, Chris Church
  • All-County auditions are next Monday, Nov. 6th at OPHS. Our rehearsal schedule will be modified to accommodate those students auditioning.