The Charms Office Assistant is a fully-featured office assistant that the Oakleaf  band organization utilizes to keep track of our student and parent information such as email addresses, phone numbers, chaperones, instruments and lots more. It enables you and our organization to know what forms you have turned in, what fees you have paid, to communicate by email, and many other functions.

It is very important to update the information we have on record for you as a parent or student. Your student’s Charms ID number and school code will be given to you at registration. This is all you need to login view and update your information.

OHS Band Email

The OHS Band email system provides important information from the director and parent volunteers to both students and parents throughout the year. All students and parents are asked to verify their email addresses in Charms in order to receive regular updates concerning band and booster activities.

To verify or correct your email address, log into CHARMS and select “Personal Info”.

Privacy Concerns

Email addresses from the OHS Band mailing list are not shared with anyone. Messages will be sent to you as blind carbon copies to avoid publishing your address.


All forms for band camp registration and ordering can be accessed and printed from Charms. Choose “Handouts” on the Charms screen, or “Student Forms” to show forms turned in and not turned in.