We welcome the opportunity to join forces with remarkable individuals, businesses and organizations whose primary goal is to provide a valuable music education experience for the students of the Oakleaf High School Band program. The OHS band is determined to use our own time, talents and resources to make an IMPACT on our local community.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."
- Picasso

Our Story...

Who We Are

We believe every student should be afforded the opportunity to receive a high-quality music education. Aside from the psychological/scientific statistics and trends, we believe the most fundamental benefits are how music resonates with individuals, bridges cultures together and can be the mutual basis for serving others. Music can give us a sense of purpose and direction; music is a crucial part of everything we do. 

The Oakleaf High School Band program is saturated with many unique opportunities for students to perform, compose, listen and discuss many elements of music. Our students are privileged to be a part of a thriving band program that meets the general criteria for how a music program should be operated. The award-winning band program at Oakleaf High School is available to anyone who wishes to experience the joys of music. 

Students in the OHS band are committed to serving our local community in various ways. We are always looking for opportunities to use our talents as musicians to bring joy to others in many capacities. We are also devoted to partnering with local charities and organizations that give back to our local citizens. As the school year progresses, so too, will our participation in local outreach.

How You Can Help

The overall cost of running a  band program with over 200 members is overwhelmingly expensive. As our band grows - so too - does the cost of operations. The average per-pupil spending in our band is substantially greater than what individual students are asked to contribute in the form of band fees. Each member's band fee only covers about 50% of the cost it takes to provide a child with a quality band program. 

In order to not raise student fees, please consider donating to a great cause; a cause that will continue to afford our students the invaluable gift of a quality music program. With your partnership, our students will be blessed with a sustainable music program, and in turn, continue to make a positive IMPACT on our community.

Music Is AWESOME!!!!!

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