Northern European Tour

Summer 2018

On June 11th the Oakleaf Band will travel to Northern Europe for a tour across the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. There will be several performance opportunities for the band including a full band performance at the Netherlands-American Cemetery in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the USA's invasion of Europe. Our Jazz Band will perform in the market square of Haarlem. Our Wind Symphony will close out the tour with a performance in the world-renowned Grote Kerk Monninckendam located in North Holland. We are excited to team with David McGuffin of Exploring Europe Tours. Click here for a direct link to our tour on his website.

Items discussed at the meeting on Tuesday, January 9th.

Applications and Volunteer form are due by February 16th.

Click HERE for Chaperone Guidelines and Procedures

Obtain Passport ASAP. Passports can be purchased at the Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Chaperone application will be available the week of January 15th.

Lodging - Heino Summer Camp

Money belt -

Outlet adaptor -

Flight – Depart from JIA to Amsterdam (connecting flight in Atlanta).

Chaperone application and information will be available by January 19th

Tips on currency exchange –

Tips on cell phone usage  -

Tour Application


Monday, June 11
Overnight flight to Amsterdam.

Tuesday, Jun 12

  • Cruise Amsterdam's famous canals aboard a glass-topped sightseeing boat
  • Free time for shopping and lunch
  • Experience a tour of Anne Frank's house
  • Travel to the little village of Heino to unpack and settle in for the week
  • Dinner provided

Wednesday, June 13th
Summer Camp Heino

  • Enjoy the village of Heino
  • Visit the flatlands, polders and windmills
  • Visit the town Giethoorn
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided

Thursday, June 14th
Germany and Belgium

  • Lunch along the Rhine river
  • visit charming town in west Germany
  • Perform at the Netherlands-American Cemetary
  • Enjoy an evening in country-side of east Belgium
  • Breakfast and dinner provided

Friday, June 15th
Coastal Netherlands and Jazz Concert

  • Visit coastal regions of west Amsterdam
  • Jazz Band performance in Haarlem
  • Breakfast and dinner provided

Saturday, June 16th
Wind Symphony Performance

  • Visit to a folk village outside of Amsteram
  • Premiere Wind Symphony concert at the famous Grote Kerk Monninckendam
  • Breakfast and dinner provided

Sunday, June 17th
Fly Back Home

*Itinerary items are subject to changes

How much is the trip per person?
$2685 - $2885. Once the airfare is settled in July, we will have the exact price.

The Table below breaks down the monthly payments. Once the final amount is determined, we can narrow down the exact monthly installment. There is a $100 discount if all payments beyond the initial deposit are made by check, cash, bank draft or money order

Monthly Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule.jpg

Key Dates
May 4th                       Deposit - $250
September 1st             Last day to cancel to get deposit back
January 5th                 Last day to cancel to get refund (minus deposit)

Where do I make payments:
All payments are made directly to David McGuffin Tour's by visiting this link. Payments can be in the form of credit card, cash, money orders or bank checks.

What if I miss a payment?
We would like for all participants to stay on track with their monthly payments. David McGuffin has a simple way of achieving this through the auto payment option. However, we understand certain occasions may arise, where a payment may be missed. It will best to make the missed payment in addition to the following month's payment in order to stay on track. The only month where a payment is not necessary is July, when all band fees must be paid. There will not be an option for band fee payments moving forward into 2017 and beyond. All band fees are paid to Oakleaf High School Band and are independent of the tour cost.

Where can I obtain a passport?
Passports can be purchased at the Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

What is the chaperone protocol for the trip? How can I be considered to be a chaperone?
All Clay County School Board policies will be in effect during the duration of the trip. We will observe a 10:1 ratio of students per chaperone. Students will be under adult supervision during the trip. In the housing quarters, chaperones will be in their own room adjacent to the student rooms (same building) at the Heino Summer Camp. Chaperone applications will be made available in April. In addition to completing the application, you must complete a volunteer form which permits the CCSB to conduct a federal background check. Once all applications and volunteer forms are submitted, chaperones will be selected in a joint effort with the OHS Administration. Chaperone trip cost is the same as the student rate.

What kind of insurance is included?
Tour interruption, medical and baggage coverage is provided by Seven Corners Traveler's Insurance Company. You can review the terms on Dave McGuffin's website. Additional comprehensive travel and health insurance can be purchased as well. Additional information regarding insurance and trip cancellation policies can be found on the official application and tour agreement.

What is the procedure to officially declare my participation for this trip?

  • $250 deposit (made directly to Dave McGuffin)
  • Submit application and tour agreement. Applications can be found by clicking this link or can be picked up anytime in the OHS band room. .

Is the trip mandatory for my child to be in the band program?
In short, NO. While we hope that all of our students will be able to attend, we know that some will not be able to. There are still some wonderful opportunities for our students next year independent of the trip.

Will there be any additional meetings regarding the trip?
Yes. As we get closer to our departure, we will have parent meetings to go over the finer details. Any important information will be put on the band website and emailed to our parents.

Will there be fundraising available?
Yes. Our fundraising coordinator, Kim Duncan will be reaching out to everyone very soon.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Hall or David McGuffin (